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Philosophical Basis of Education imparted in Vidyalaya

  • The major aims of entire process of education in the Vidyalaya is to produce knowledgeable young boys and girls without any distinction of caste, creed and color who have capabilities to lead a personal and social life successfully.
  • All aspects of their personality(Physical, Mental, Moral and Social etc.) are developed so that they may play an important role in the growing and complex society of today. The other objective is to make a pupil a good learner, an efficient and disciplined worker and a compassionate human-being at large, having love and faith in "Bhartiya Jeevan Darshan"
  • The Motto of the Vidyalaya 'Enter to Learn, Go out to Serve' is fully consistent to the philosophy of Maharaja Agrasen who had established a socialistic pattern of society in his kingdom AGROHA more than five thousand years ago.
  • In short - Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya is an attempt to be an " Idealized Epitome" of social life where
    " Man - Making and Nation-Building education is imparted. The main aim and objective of the Vidyalaya are derived from Maharaja Agrasen's philosophy of life.

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